Budget and Analysis

Budget and Analysis

Courtney A. LomaxKelly A. RobertsColleen Dautrich
Manager, Budget & AnalysisFinancial AnalystFinance Project Analyst

Chart of Accounts

Budget Transfers (Budget Managers)

Please identify the Source Budget (FOAP) and amount to be transferred, as well as the Receiving Budget (FOAP) in the body of the email.

Reclass Actual Revenue or Expenses (Budget Managers)

Please identify the source FOAP, expenditure detail and amounts to be transferred, as well as the receiving FOAP and amounts of the transfer in the body of the email.

Banner Access and Traning (Budget Managers, Deans, VPs)

Account Analysis (Budget Managers, Deans, VPs)

Please contact us to request detailed information for org or account transactions.